Diep Son – paradise island in Nha Trang

White sandy road under half a meter of sea level, connecting the two islands with unspoiled natural scenery made Diep Son was named the hottest summer island 2016


Walking through the sea is something that probably seemed impossible. But in Diep Son (Hon Express) can be immersed in nature, at the foot of the powdery white sand, surrounded by a vast ocean, the top is the sun and wind.

From a pristine beach, even electricity and toilets are also scarce things, when the stunning images of walking paths on the most unique sea Vietnam appear on media, Diep Son become certain of these tourists have loved to travel.


Diep Son a few years ago was still a strange island with people. People only 3 hours a day electricity by generators, without toilet. Information on three small islands with beautiful roads like being wrapped up and hidden. But perhaps thanks to it, by Diep Son still be yourself while holding the inherent primitive.

These stunning images of Diep Son with pristine, friendly young love, mountains, sea, clouds, ocean and road between the island put overcome Ly Son, Cat Ba … become attractive island best tourist season in 2016.

Walking on this path feels extremely excited, mixed anxiety and a little scared when you step between the mighty ocean. Sea trail lasts less than 1 km, winding under the clear water about half a meter (when tide, emerged fully road between the sea). You can delight in watching the little fish swimming around the sides, try feeling walking under water while swimming through the fish each leg.


Although emerging in recent times but to Diep Son, you can participate in many activities such as bathing in the blue waters of jade, sailing, rowing or surfing on the sea baskets by canoe to view all the scenery, camping tent to sleep. On the island is also served fresh water shower, toilet. And indispensable as fresh seafood dishes are served very enthusiastic, affordable.

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