The most spectacular route planet

The route offers visitors the opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery and beautiful planet.

Norway Atlantic Road was built over many small islands, with 8 bridge gives visitors the chance to admire the sea, the fjords and beautiful mountains.

Overseas highway (US) Florida mainland connection with the islands of the Florida Keys islands. This route is 180 km long with 42 bridges and many interesting sights.


Road Going-to-the-Sun (USA) 80 km long, two-lane, spread along the length of the Glacier National Park, Montana, through the glacial lakes, pine forests and majestic tundra.

Route Valley of Fire in Nevada (USA) takes visitors through the area red sandstone splendor of the sun.

Also known as the “road to heaven” of Romania Transfagarasan route has numerous bends leading to the country’s highest peaks. Transfagarasan Transylvania and Wallachia connect two provinces, with 5 tunnels, 27 viaducts and 831 small bridges.

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