Tourism Festival

The festival is an indispensable cultural feature in the lives of the people of Vietnam. Each festival is associated with specific characteristics of geography, customs, rituals, behavioral culture, cuisine, religion … not only specific cultural identity but also kept the moral values aesthetics in the 4,000 year history of building and defending our forefathers.
With the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups, festivals Vietnam treasures are not only intangible heritage serves the spiritual life, faith, spirituality of the people but also the humanities tourism resources can become unique products to serve tourists.

The typical festival

Hung Temple Festival


Hung Temple Festival is a major festival nationally to commemorate the Hung Kings had built the nation. Etiquette death anniversary of Hung Vuong became a rich cultural tradition in our country. It is a national festival, the whole people and in folk consciousness Vietnam it carries the highest divinity. So the festival is held every year with solemn ceremonial rites countries, with the pilgrims’ return to ethnic roots “of hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of the country and overseas Vietnamese living abroad .. Hung temple Festival lasts from 8th to March 11th lunar calendar, which is the 10th Assembly. The festival takes place at the Hung Temple, Phu Tho.

Yen Tu Festival


Yen Tu festival starts on 9 January and lasts 3 months every spring. At the festival, the only pilgrims come to Yen Tu tour for pilgrims seek to present buddhaland faith, fortune bridge, bridge financing. There are people to Yen Tu to feel willed intellectual level and noble virtue of his fathers. Someone on Yen Tu for spring travel, sightseeing, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Young men and women go to Yen Tu to explore, conquer. Many overseas Vietnamese return home looking to Yen Tu immersed in the human values, ethnic elite. A lot of foreign tourists to Yen Tu known as a religious tourist attraction, courtesy, culture and ecology.

Perfume Pagoda Festival


Assembly annual Huong Pagoda began after the Tet and lasts until the end of the 3rd lunar month, to resort scenic Perfume Pagoda tourists will have the opportunity to integrate into the natural, rivers, mountains, water hat. Come to taste the temple festival, you will find greater peace of my heart for a happy and prosperous New Year. Guests can choose to combine the tour 1 day Buddhist ceremony and sightseeing Pagoda …

Ba Chua Xu Festival, Chau Doc, An Giang


The festival was held from night to 27/4 to 23/4 lunar calendar, the religious festival with bold cultural identity southwest. Every year, the festival attracts many Buddhist devotees from across the country to worship, bridges wealth.

The festival consists of two parts. Part festival includes 4 main celebration: the procession of four plaques from Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb shrine Ba Tuc Yet ceremony, ceremony Civil Adoration – Hat Boi, The International festival. Part Assembly lively place with cultural activities such as lion dance folk, dance sport wheels, dancing cups, …

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