Travel abroad

1.Peloponnese, Hy Lạp


Greek tourists tend to flock to the famous island and miss the Peloponnese. This is to have affordable yet attracted by the magnificent works as ancient churches, palaces, fortresses. Rich landscape, clean and beautiful beaches, easy transportation and great cuisine have made this island the perfect destination to experience the real Greece. Guests can dive in the sea off the coast of Navarino, luxury watch shop in the ancient stone tower in Mani and admire the architectural mix between contemporary art and classical in Nafplio …

2. Aarhus, Denmark


Copenhagen it? Please ignore! The main city of Aarhus is where you should visit while in Denmark. This port city is proud to be the center of culture, education of Denmark, was selected as the “Capital of Culture” and the award “European culinary region” in 2017 when the restaurant is attached to the 3 stars Michelin. Even Aarhus harbor is both a public cultural space as the largest Scandinavian Library Dokk1, ARoS Museum – one of Northern Europe’s largest museum, which showcases the work of art … Here, visitors can feel the harmonious blend between youthfulness and dynamism of a big city and the prettiness of a small town.

3.Venice, Italy


This year, the famous city in Italy will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish district with many exciting activities. There will be new exhibits and special, the first, the play “The Merchant of Venice” Shakespeare’s era will be performed here.

4.Dordogne, France


Located in the heart of France, the Dordogne is seen as a haven for culinary enthusiasts, famous for foie gras dish famous. Coming here, tourists can enjoy the sweet fruit of Gariguette strawberries, truffles … Not only luxury restaurants, even the village pub or outdoor food markets also no shortage of attractive delicacies. Dordogne also attracts visitors with tranquil gardens in the romantic castle, the town with the medieval architecture, green walnut forests.

5.Lviv, Ukraina


In recent years, referring to Ukraine, most people only think about the war. In fact, this place has a lot of places worth visiting. One of them is located in the western Ukrainian Lviv. The city is also known as the land of festivals with more than 100 events throughout the year, is the most popular coffee festivals and jazz festivals.

6.Warwickshire, UK


Guests will be charmed by the bucolic scenery, ancient castles, the beautiful city situated in the green hills. This year, Stratford-upon-Avon – Shakespeare’s hometown will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of this famous great writer. Visit the ruins of Kenilworth Castle, dinner at The Cross – one of the most famous pubs UK Michelin starred or learn war medieval castle in Warwick is interesting suggestions for travelers guest.

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