Vietnam in top 10 best culinary destinations

Vietnam, Thailand, India is the Asian country in the top of the best destinations for culinary travelers prefer to travel alone.

Tourbar travel site recently announced a list of 10 areas with the best cuisine for tourists alone, based on evaluation survey and get ideas from users. Vietnam, Thailand, India is the third Asian countries in this list.


According to the website, the Vietnam Culinary really fascinated with the many delicious dishes are mixed with various recipes and traditional flavors. Up to 4.7% of the participants voted for Vietnam. Thailand accounted for 18.2% of the opinions of users by the appeal of fried noodle dish Tom Yum and Pad Thai.

Tasty Spanish Tapas dishes, fried rice flavoursome and bustling sounds of the bar topped the list with 19.6% votes.

Also in this list also include: UK (14.8%), the US (13.5%), Italy (8.8%), Portugal (7.4%), Australia (6.7% ) and India (6%).

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